Seascape9 is a handbuilt sculptural ceramic, constructed from a highly textured grey clay. Clays of different tones and textures are incorporated. Dimensions: H 30 cms, W 25 cms, D 12 cms.


This piece, Seascape9, is one of the series inspired by the seascape paintings of Joan Eardley. In two ways it is special, although some might see it as flawed - and for that reason the price is lower than might be expected for such a large piece.

First, it is probably at the extreme in terms of the height that can be achieved from such a narrow base. So it is, arguably, top heavy and for that reason I use a small quantity of sharp sand on the inside to stabilise it. This is supplied with the piece.

Second, the technique of incorporating different clays to give the characteristic strata is difficult under normal circumstances but it seems there is extra jeopardy when a narrow stratum is at the top edge. This piece cracked in three small places at the top edge whilst in the kiln (24 hours going up to 1200 degrees C is an unimaginable journey...). It has been securely mended and I have decided to make the cracks a feature, along the lines of the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, which says beauty can be found in imperfection, and kintsugi, which emphasises the cracks by highlighting in gold. See the image of the rim breaks. I have reduced the price, since not all might go along with this philosophy....