A handbuilt sculptural piece, constructed from a highly textured grey clay. Clays of different tones and textures are incorporated. Dimensions: H 24 cms, W 23 cms, D 13 cms. Unglazed.



Seascape11_2021 is one of my Seascape series, inspired by the seascape pieces of Joan Eardley. It is handbuilt - coiled - from a highly textured grey base clay, incorporating clays of other tones and textures. These strata form the structure of the piece and are visible on the inside and outside, the interior being as important to me as the exterior.

Seascape11 and Seascape12 were built in tandem over a 6-week period at the end of 2021; they have certain characteristics in common, but to me evoke quite different feelings, Seascape11 being somehow harsher than its 'non-identical twin' Seascape12 - which has a more pastoral feel.