A handbuilt sculptural piece, made in 2020.



Seascape1 is inspired by the wild and sombre seascape paintings of Joan Eardley.

This piece featured in my presentation to the University of Dundee's College of Art and Design's 2021 symposium on the influence of Joan Eardley (1921-1963) on artists working in other media. It is available on Youtube, and my presentation is about 55 minutes in.

This piece uses a technique of incorporating into the sand-coloured base clay (a mix from Derbyshire and Shropshire) clays of different tones and textures. It is unglazed and its slight sheen comes from an unorthodox application of a light linseed oil to the surface.

Dimensions: H 29 cms, W 17 cms, D 7 cms. Photo credit Carol Clarke.