Inspired by Morandi_trio


‘Inspired by Morandi’ trios are composed of three handbuilt tall cylindrical vessels in earth colours of greys, cream, spice and charcoal. H: 29-33 cms, W & D: 9 cms. These are sculptural pieces, not designed as functional vases. You can design your own trio.




The image shows two trios inspired by the still life paintings of Giorgio Morandi (1890-1964, see 'About' page). I encourage potential buyers to select their own trio, in the light of where they plan to display the piece and the tones and forms that speak to them. I have a stock of pieces in earth colours of charcoal, spice, cream, mid grey and light grey. There is also the option of an agate piece where different clays are incorporated in the body, a technique I have developed in my Seascape and Landscape series.

If you send me a message via the contact page with your initial thoughts I will put a trio together and send you a photo (not a professional one, just from my smartphone), You can then ask me to substitute other colours and forms.