Duo_Beachscape 1&2. H: 23 cms, W 16, D 9.

Handbuilt (coiled). Built in early 2022. Fired to 1200 degrees C. SOLD


This hand-built duo is an evolution from my 2021 series of seascape and landscape pieces. It uses the method that I have developed over the past few years of incorporating bands of clay of different colours and tones into a base clay, which is either a rather smooth pale biscuit-coloured clay or a strongly textured mid-grey. The pieces were built at the same time, early 2022, and they are strongest, I believe, by being shown as a duo, although they can be sold separately. They have similarities in terms of height and depth; they both started as a similar size pinch pot; they are constructed using the same slow coiling method. But they have different feels to them - not just literally in terms of the different base clays, but also in terms of the mood that they give out.